Primary Protocol: The Dossiers of Asset 108, Book 2 - JM Guillen - Unabridged

Publisher: Irrational Worlds
Length: 9 hours and 27 minutes
Version: Unabridged
Language: English
Release Date: December 22, 2016
Format: MP3 320kbps or M4A 256kbps
Catalog ID: B01MU2GM8F
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Primary Protocol: The Dossiers of Asset 108, Book 2 (Unabridged)

JM Guillen

Eldritch abominations are invading our world. Only Michael Bishop and the Facility stand against them. With none of his cadre at his side, Michael Bishop, Asset of the Facility, awakens in a labyrinth of forsaken darkness with faceless assassins in close pursuit. He has few memories and fewer weapons and is running for his life fighting against inhuman horrors from another world. It seems as if Asset 108 will soon be dead, all without remembering his true nature. Then things grow difficult. Soon Michael and his allies are lost in a dark, forbidden city in a world where the stars are bent and strange. He is without any of his reality-twisting technology or upgraded neuralware and is pursued by mad fanatics, worshipers of the tentacled aberrations that plot against the nations of man. Even this is not the greatest danger, however. There are twisted plots between the abominations, schemes of which Michael and his cadre are simply pawns on a vast board. Soon they will take part in an attack that will change the very fate of this entire twisted realm, all in exchange for a whispered oath: a promise of a way home, back to the rational world. But can the cadre trust the creatures they are bargaining with? Will the technology offered actually be capable of taking them home? And what of the mysterious lost Asset and his cryptic warnings? In distant worlds beneath strange stars, promises are easily broken, especially ones made by inhuman foes.

Format: MP3 320kbps

Format: M4A 256kbps

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