Roadmap to Righteousness - John R. Hargrove TH.D. - Unabridged

Publisher: Lion Reflector Books
Length: 6 hours and 34 minutes
Version: Unabridged
Language: English
Release Date: 10 Aug. 2016
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Roadmap to Righteousness (Unabridged)

John R. Hargrove TH.D.

The messages of Paul the Apostle have inspired the thoughts and imaginations of Christians of all ages. His authoritative approach to justification and righteousness serve to capture the interest of believers today. It is appropriate that his examples of holiness be presented afresh to our generation. After all, history repeats itself. The indulgences and iniquities rampant in Paul’s day appear in churches today. False teachers overlook the sins of neglect. Liberal church leaders look for ways to enter into God’s favor without being in his presence. These messages, taken from Paul’s letters to the churches in Europe and Asia, show where Christians miss the mark in their spiritual growth. Dr. John Hargrove clearly lays out a foundation for incorporating spiritual truths into our lives, that we may someday grow into the image of Christ. About the “Biblical Studies 101” courses: Bible scholar and teacher, Dr. John R. Hargrove has designed a wonderful, year-long course for the individual Bible student and for the classroom. Spread over 12 courses, each book is a wonderful and insightful introduction to the word of God. From Genesis to Revelation, Dr. Hargrove hopes to help you grow in the lord and to understand his word at a deeper, more profound level. An intimate level. Ideal for small group study and for the individual, the Biblical Studies 101 program is, we think, ideal for you, too. About the author: Dr. John R. Hargrove spent most of his life studying God’s message of love to us. Author of the popular 12-book “Biblical Studies 101” courses, John passed away in 2014, but left behind a rich legacy of Bible studies and commentaries.

Format: MP3 320kbps

Format: M4A 256kbps

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