Permission Slips - Jerry Sander - Unabridged

Publisher: The Way It Works Press
Length: 8 hours and 15 minutes
Version: Unabridged
Language: English
Release Date: October 31, 2016
Format: MP3 320kbps or M4A 256kbps
Catalog ID: B01M69HQEH
Categories: Education & Teaching, Humor & Entertainment, Literature & Fiction, School Books

Permission Slips (Unabridged)

Jerry Sander

A mosaic of teen chaos, confusion and sexual anarchy is the backdrop for suburban ninth-grader Alison Gepner’s search for meaning and first love. A “good girl” who would rather be seen as an edgy individualist, Alison is surrounded by the soldiers of a cruel and crushing teen culture. She faces the fight of her life, just to have a life. The wily schemes of a jealous competitor (Claire, the newly slimmed-down group home girl) threaten to take away Alison’s new connection with the intensely attractive and mysterious Elijah before she can claim him as her own. The adult world, too, seems to be a lonely mess, full of insecure helpers who cling by their fingertips to the illusion of control.

Format: MP3 320kbps

Format: M4A 256kbps

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